Pilates is low impact and perfect for all levels and abilities. It can strengthen the core and overall body, work to improve posture, and offers the ability to savor the mind-body connection. When consistently practiced and properly executed pilates can:

  • Compliment rehab work to help strengthen and restore injuries;
  • Propel athletes toward peek performance and help them avoid injury;
  • Offer appropriate seated exercises ideal for seniors;
  • Provide effective modifications for pre and post-natal clients.

What to Expect

Margaret has a foundation in STOTT PILATES; this method focuses on restoring natural curves of the spine while improving overall posture. Depending on an individual’s muscular imbalances, certain joints may be pulled either too strongly or too weakly by your muscles. Some muscles and muscle groups may need to be strengthened or stretched/lengthened. During class Margaret integrates various exercises to ensure a well-rounded repertoire. Classes are always thoroughly planned and are appropriately progressed to gain maximum benefits of the practice- and your time!

Initially, we work to master the STOTT PILATES basic principles, mobilize the spine, shoulder and hip joints, and strengthen the core. We then progress to build strength and endurance, stamina and pace, and coordination and balance, in that order.

Every class ends with stretching and a brief meditation. If you have aromatherapy we recommend you spray some and just relax while you listen to calming music, lay still, and think about ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! End your class inhaling all the positive energy you have created, while exhaling any negative vibes remaining. Reap the rewards of this mind-body connection.